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Momentous Music wants you ! Feel free submit your music

We at Momentous Music are always keen and available to listen to some cool new music and bands to sign or just for the distribution in North American. We are also interested to hear from foreign or national labels for possible cooperation in the worldwide distribution business.

Or drop us a line to our email address: info@momentousent.net

Please do not send us any unsolicited mp3 via email ! This practice risks to damage or slow down our servers and therefore if you do it your message will be erased and you will loose the chance to submit your music to us. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note: we take the time to review each product sent and we used to reply to all the bands that had sent us a CD, but this has now become a very time consuming process that can no longer be kept up. From now on bands who do not receive a response to their demos can assume that we are not interested. Apologies for all and any inconvenience this may cause.